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Pay creditors your way with chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you're in debt over your head, but feel you can pay creditors if only they would renegotiate repayment amounts, chapter 13 bankruptcy might be for you. I am here to walk you step-by-step through the process to help you get out of debt.

No matter how much money you owe or how behind you are with your payments, you do not deserve to be harassed by creditors. Put a stop to wage garnishments, collection calls, lawsuits, and foreclosure by allowing me to help you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Stop creditor harassment

When you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy, you enter into a court ordered and court approved repayment plan with creditors where you agree to pay back your loans in smaller, more manageable installments. By entering this agreement and sticking to its terms, you don't risk losing your most valuable assets.

Affordable payment plans

You never have to speak

to a paralegal when

you call us. I personally handle each and every case.

Get a fresh start and

allow me to help you file for bankruptcy. Call:



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